Empress Harumi

Empress of the Emerald Empire


Yoritomo Harumi Age: 84 Height: 5’0" Weight: 95lbs Eyes: Jade Hair: White Sex: Female
Air: Unk Earth: Unk Fire: Unk Water: Unk Void: Unk

Resurrected during a maho ritual performed by an inu-kami. Age has been reduced during the ritual to approximately 16. Has been alleged to be a maho caster and Akai order leader.


Yoritomo Harumi sister to Hiromi champion of the Mantis clan whose battlefield exploits and subsequent tournament performance placed him upon the throne. Harumi succeeded to the throne when Hiromi died from a Maho curse placed on him during battle years earlier. Trade and commerce exploded in the Emerald Empire and she is known as the most economically saavy leader the empire has ever seen. Missing the battlefields, Harumi began to require tournaments for nearly every inter-clan controversy subverting the mediation practices of the courts entirely. One such tournament was initiated for the recently vacated shogun position which Harumi knew was critical for her young grandson heir to learn to rule when she died. This tournament also was held for the disbursement of rights to a void source found near the Great Carpenter Wall. At the outset of the tournament when all were attending to her speach, she fell over forward with an aiguchi protruding from her back…

Empress Harumi

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