Shosuro Kai

Scorpion clan Champion


Shosuro Kai Age: 30 Height: 5’9" Weight: 165lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Sex: Male
Air: 5 Earth: 3 Fire: 5 Water: 4 Void: 4
Wears ashigaru armor with only hakuma pants beneath and a mask of pure white with red symbols. Wears a burgundy haori with the word kurosu on the back and lined with leather pockets. Carries a pair of kodachi.

All allegations point toward the scorpion champion being the original murderer of the Empress. Is prone to displays of amazing skill such as throwing 8 weapons simultaneously and accurately. Was purportedly killed during an attack on the Scorpion forces. Body is as of yet unrecovered.


Shosuro Kai

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