Yoritomo Mao

Voice of the Emperess and sister to the Emperess


Yoritomo Mao Age: 73 Height: 5’1" Weight: 105lbs Eyes: Gold Hair: Silver Sex: Female
Air: Unk Earth: Unk Fire: Unk Water: Unk Void: Unk
Wears a green kimono with black designs and kanji adorning the sleeves. Carries a wakizashi and a prayer bead wrist wrap.

Alleged leader of the Kuro order and direct political opponent of the Imperial Magistrate. Made direct requests of the investigation heroes to find the “one responsible” for the Empress being afflicted. Upon revelation of Yanping’s possible involvement and misconduct, the Mao convinced the council to ratify her as the new Empress and declare the old Empress ascended. Upon gaining the divinity, Yanping was sentenced to death for treason and subsequently engaged in battle with Mao. Both parties displayed enormous power before Mao was slain by the very heroes she’d gotten help from.


Yoritomo Mao

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